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Artfire2000 is LIVE!

Hi everyone, and welcome to the new Artfire2000! I hope that you’ll find something that interests you, whether it’s a rare variant, or common figure, or holy grail for your collection. While I specialize in Japanese TFs, you’ll also find Pre-TFs like Diaclones or Microchange, and TFs from other countries as well.

Please note, first shipments will go out the week of July 11th, to give me some time to wrinkle out any bugs that might come up through the order process. Thank you for your patience!

Also, because I will be attending TFcon Toronto, any collectors who would like to save on shipping can request to have me bring the item to you in-person at the convention. No guarantees, but I will make an effort to accommodate, pending space in the car. I will refund your shipping costs after you make your purchase if this is the case.

Thanks for visiting, and good hunting!

Chuck Liu