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Artfire2000 August 2016 Update! It’s Yuuuuuge!

Hi everyone, Artfire2000 had a great time hawking our vintage Japanese G1 Transformers and Diaclones in TFcon Toronto and New Jersey Collector’s Con. Our next big show will be at TFcon Chicago in October! Don’t miss it!

I have a huge new update to the site, with a number of super rare items up for grabs! Take a look!

  1. Artfire Loose
  2. Battle Gaia MIB
  3. Black Shadow MIB
  4. Black Shadow Shell Loose
  5. Black Zarak MIB Unused
  6. Diaclone Blue Bluestreak MIB
  7. Browning MIB
  8. Bruticus Giftset MIB Unused
  9. Diaclone Trianbot Kaen MIB Uused
  10. Diaclone Powerdasher Jet MIB Unused- Rare driver variant
  11. Diaclone Swoop MIB
  12. Doubleclouder Loose
  13. Drillhorn MIB
  14. Brave Dyno Guyst MIB
  15. Series 1 Galaxy Shuttle MIB
  16. Trainbots Loose
  17. Greatshot MIB
  18. Trainbot Getsuei MIB Unused
  19. Jaguar MIB
  20. Liokaiser Giftset MIB
  21. Grey D-16 Megatron MIB
  22. Microchange MC-18 Lock Robot
  23. Optimus Prime 01 Convoy MIB
  24. Victory Saber Giftset MIB
  25. Victory Saber Giftset MIB Unused
  26. Overlord MIB
  27. Raiden Giftset MIB
  28. Road Caesar Set MIB
  29. SD Joke Super Valkyrie MIB Unused
  30. Series 1 Star Saber MIB
  31. Brave Shadow Maru MIB
  32. Sixtrain MIB
  33. Victory Leo MIB
  34. French G1 Yellow Constructicons