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Huge November Update! 100+ Items!

Hi all, I’ve got a HUGE update on my website. I’m posting the list below, but please check out the site to see all of the photos, prices, and details. 
To make this update happen, I put off a significant amount of non-TF work, so I will be busy these next few days catching up with life. I anticipate an uptick in questions, so please be patient with me as I get around to answering everyone’s inquiries.
I didn’t get a chance to work on the loose items yet. That’ll be for the next update!
Diaclone Black Trailbreaker MIB
Diaclone Blue Bluestreak MIB
Diaclone Mixmaster MIB
Diaclone Police Sideswipe MIB
Diaclone Sideswipe MIB
Diaclone Yellow Sideswipe MIB
Diaclone Wheeljack MIB
Microchange Browning MIB
Microchange Reflector MIB
Brawn MIB
Huffer MIB
Mailaway Camshaft MISB AFA
Mailaway Downshift MIB
Mailaway Overdrive MIB
Mailaway Ratchet MIB
Convoy MIB
Devastator MIB
Megatron MIB Unused
Megatron MIB Applied
Mirage MIB Unused
Perceptor MIB
Reflector MIB
Skywarp MIB
Slag MIB
Soundwave MIB
Tracks MIB
Trailbreaker MIB Unused
VSZ Giftset MIB
Wheeljack MIB
White Astrotrain MIB
Beachcomber MIB
Powerglide MIB
Seaspray MIB
Wheelie MIB
Bruticus Giftset MIB Unused
Defensor MIB Unused
Menasor MIB
Metroplex MIB
Hotrod MIB
Predaking MIB
Springer MIB Unused
Superion MIB
Ultramagnus MIB
Abominus Giftset MIB
Terrorcons Separate MIB
Autobot Clones MIB
Battletrap MIB
Flywheels MIB
Decepticon Clones MISB AFA
Decible KO Set MIB
Legout KO Set MIB
Getsuei MIB
Kaen MIB
Suiken MIB
Yukikaze MIB
Pointblank MIB
Sixshot MIB
Skullcruncher MIB
Slugslinger MIB
Soundblaster MIB Unused
Twincast MIB
Black Zarak MIB Unused
Black Zarak MIB Applied
Darkwings Giftset MIB
Gaihawk MIB
Godbomber MIB
Grand Maximus MISB AFA
Getaway MIB
Minerva MIB
Overlord MIB
King Poseidon MIB Unused
Ranger MIB Unused
Slapdash MIB
Sparkdash MIB
Super Ginrai MISB AFA
Black Shadow MIB
Dinoking Loose
Goryu MIB
Landcross MIB
Liokaiser Giftset MIB
Road Caesar MIB
Star Saber Series 1 MIB
Countdown MIB
Brave Dagbase MIB
Grandus MIB
Landshaker w/ Box
Sixbuilder MIB Unused
Star Convoy MIB
Brave Maximus MIB
Fortress Maximus Reissue MISB