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Legendary VSX Giftset up for sale!

As promised, the latest update is live! Along with it are some amazing pieces, including the legendary VSX Optimus vs Megatron Giftset! Head over to the website and take a gander! There are also a BOATLOAD of loose items!

Included in this update:

  • VSX Giftset MIB
  • Battle Gaia MIB
  • Big Powered Giftset MIB
  • Big Powered Set Loose
  • Black Zarak Unused MIB
  • Black Zarak Loose
  • Brainstorm MIB
  • Dai Atlas MIB
  • Deathsaurus MIB
  • Devastator MIB
  • Diaclone Trainrobo Special No.7 Loose
  • Galaxy Shuttle MIB
  • Galaxy Shuttle Loose
  • Grand Maximus MIB
  • Grand Maximus Loose
  • Greatshot MIB
  • Greatshot Loose
  • Guard City MIB
  • Guard City Loose
  • KO Battle Gaia Loose
  • Heroes Giftset Loose
  • Juniors Giftset Loose
  • King Poseidon Separate Boxes MIB
  • Liokaiser Giftset MIB
  • Liokaiser Loose
  • Headmaster Lione Loose
  • Grey Megatron Loose
  • Metalhawk MIB
  • Metrotitan MIB
  • Metrotitan Loose
  • Microchange Lock Robo
  • Optimus Prime Chibi stamp loose
  • Raiden Loose
  • Road Caesar MIB
  • Sixbuilder MIB
  • Sky Garry Loose
  • Soundblaster Loose
  • Star Convoy Loose
  • Star Saber Loose
  • Star Saber MIB
  • Superion Giftset MIB
  • TF-06 Spinroad vs Darkjet Loose
  • Micromaster Trailer Lot of 8
  • Victory Leo Loose
  • Victory Leo MIB

Head over to and see everything!